Section 8 - Servers - Assigning Scheduled Servers to a Server Chart

In "Server Mode", pressing the “Sched” button displays the four meal periods for which a pre-formatted Server Sections Chart can be loaded.

Press the meal period desired, and then press “+Add Chart” just below that meal period. A window will appear with thumbnails of all the charts that have been created for use.

Press the desired chart to load it into the chosen meal period.

Once the Server Sections Chart has been loaded, servers can be assigned to each labeled and color-coded section by pressing the “+Add Server” button shown below each section. This will cause all of the available servers to appear for selection - Scheduled and Not Scheduled. To schedule servers, see Section 7.

Press the desired server to select them. Scheduled servers will display any tags and the in/out times. Not Schedule servers will not have any tags or in/out times displayed. 

Repeat this process for each section that a server is desired to be assigned to the chart.

Note: It is not necessary to load a server for every section. If a section is closed, it will not have a server and the tables in that closed section will be gray. A server can be added later by manually assignment.

To assign the servers to their sections when they arrive, return to the "Active" tab in "server mode". Press the server to select them, then press “Activate Tables”. This will assign that server to their section and outline each table assigned with the server’s color.

Note: When active, if the "Relieve" button is used during the shift, the server will be removed from their assigned tables and appear below the Shift Banner for later re-activation.


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