Section 19 - Seating & Clearing Linked Tables for Large Parties

If a party is too large for one table, first directly seat the entire party to a select table by pressing the table and the correct party size. Then, to link another table to this one, press and hold the table to be linked with the sat table and wait for a white dot with the table icon to appear. Next, drag the white dot to the table with the party sat and release (in the example at left, table 30 is being linked to table 31). The two tables are now linked with a small chain link icon displayed on them. Repeat this process as many times as necessary to link all of the tables required for the party.

Tapping any table in a linked group table once will reveal the table flags. The linked tables can be cleared as a group by using the red icon with the broom. To clear each table individually, double-tap the individual table to be cleared and select the "Clear Table" button in the bottom left corner to the right of the “Clear All Tables button.

A linked table will have two red buttons: Clear All Tables or Clear Table, while an unlinked table will just have a Clear Table button.


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