Section 20 - Adding a Guest to the Waitlist

In the Main Floor view, press the orange Wait List button with the walking person and the clock at the bottom right of the Main Floor. An onboarding screen will appear enabling the user to:

    1) Select a Party Size

    2) Select a Section or First Available (if applicable)

    3) Confirm or Adjust the Wait Time Quote (the system provided quote can be adjusted using the arrow keys),

    4) Enter a Mobile Phone Number (for texting guest when table is ready), or

    5) Enter Name Only (use the blue button in the bottom right corner) if a guest does not have a cell phone.

Once the phone number or name has been entered, a Wait List Profile screen will appear.  If the guest is not already in the Seatninja database, the first name and/or last name of the guest will need to be entered by the host.

Guests will be placed in the waitlist in the left panel of the Main Floor either A) in Arrival Order, or B) in Order of Next Guest to be Sat depending on which setting management has selected for use in the Seatninja Web Portal.


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