Section 26 - Paging a Guest from the Wait List

Guests with valid mobile numbers can be sent a Table Ready text by tapping the guest in the Wait List to select them, and then pressing the green Page button at the top of the screen.

A black pulse logo will appear in the Waitlist bubble indicating that this guest has been paged.

A timer in the green Page box will also track the time elapsed since the last time a text was sent.

Guests can respond by texting a “1” to the text letting the Host know that the guest is "On My Way". Doing so will cause a purple check mark to appear over the Guest’s picture or avatar in Seatninja Host. This indicates that the Guest is on their way and should arrive at the host stand shortly. If the Guest texts back a “2” to cancel, the Waitlist bubble will either turn red and say "User Cancelled" or disappear from the waitlist, depending on the setting management has chosen in the Seatninja Web Portal. To acknowledge a red User Cancelled bubble, the user simply has to touch it. Viewing a cancelled user is possible by going to the Schedule View in Combined mode.

Guests who do not provide a mobile number cannot be paged. The green Page button will not appear for Guests who are put on the Waitlist by the Enter.



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