Section 23 - Making Reservations Using the Calendar Button

The calendar button appears in both the Main Floor view (in green at the bottom right) and in the Schedule view at the top, center just left of the date. Pressing the calendar button will open a reservation calendar with the current date in blue.

Select the desired reservation date to view the Schedule for that day. Each hour shows 4 "Buckets" that indicate the number of tables available/remaining for each of the four party sizes during that hour period. 

Choose the hour and party size from the corresponding row. Doing so will cause each 15 minute increment for that hour to appear. Select the desired time increment and a party size and phone number window will appear. Refine your party size and enter the guest's phone number.

Note: A valid phone number must be entered as there is not a “Enter Name Only” option for reservation parties. Once the phone number is entered, a Reservation Profile will appear for the user to make appropriate party flag and table selections, change the status, enter notes and make changes.

If the setting is selected by management, reservations are automatically confirmed via text 24 hours prior to the reservation time. If the reservation remains unconfirmed, there is a “Call to Confirm” button in the upper left corner that will send an automated call to the Guest requesting a confirmation.


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