Section 34 - Moving Reservations to New Tables Using the Table Scheduler

In the Schedule View, press the Table Scheduler button at the top of the screen immediately to the right of date and to the left of the Grid button. 

To move a party from the system’s table suggestion to a table assignment, find the party in the left panel where all of the reservations are listed. Then, select the party to be moved by pressing that party.

The current table suggestion will appear in blue. There may be multiple tables in blue if more than one table is required to accommodate the party size. Conflicting tables with parties already assigned to them will appear in red with the time of the conflict and the name of the party.

The meal duration can also be edited for the party that is being reassigned.

Press the desired tables (which will turn them blue) and press the green Save button in the upper right corner. To relocate another party, press the back button and make another selection. 

Warning: you must assign at least one table per party before saving.


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