Section 31 - Making a Table Hold on the Grid

Pressing the “Grid” button in the Main Floor view just above the Orange Wait List button on the lower right side of the screen or in the Schedule view in the upper right side just to the left of the eyeball allows a table to be held for a specific purpose. If used, no party can be sat at a held table directly or from the Wait List until the table hold expires or is removed.

To hold a single table, press the "Grid" button, select a row and a time. A panel will pop out from the left. Select the blue Hold Table button. Press the Start Time to confirm the beginning of the hold, then press the Duration to confirm the length of time for the hold. Notes describing the purpose of the hold can also be add by pressing Notes and typing in the open space.

To hold more than one table, continue pressing rows in the grid.

To commit the Table Hold, press the green Hold button in the upper right side of the panel. 

This action will put a Yellow lock prior to the “Locked” time on the date of the hold. The lock color will change to Red during the locked time on the table in the Main Floor. The lock will disappear when the hold expires.

To remove a hold, go to the Grid view and press on the Table Hold to be removed. A panel will pop out from the left hand side. Press the red Remove Hold button at the bottom of the information provided on the hold.


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