Section 3 - Confirming Reservations

Once you log in, upcoming reservations for the current meal period will appear in the left panel. The next step is to check to see if all reservations have been confirmed. Press the schedule button in the upper left corner to go to the reservation schedule.

Once at the reservation schedule, you will see the reservations on the books for each hour. Seatninja automatically texts each reservation guest 24 hours in advance to confirm the reservation. If the guest replies, the reservation status will say “Confirmed”. Otherwise it will say “Upcoming”.

For the reservations that have not been confirmed via a text response from the guest, an “automated call” can be placed by pressing the “Call to Confirm” button in the upper left hand corner under the red “Cancel” button. This will give the guest a second chance to confirm their reservation automatically by pressing “1” on their phone keypad or “2” to cancel. Once using this button, you can change the status from "Upcoming" to "Left Message". If the guest confirms the reservation, the status will change to "Confirmed".

Note: It is recommended that the Call to Confirm feature be used only on the day of a reservation for reservations that have yet to be confirmed.

If the guest does not respond to the text or to the automated call, the guest can be called manually by using the phone number listed in the reservation profile. Once confirmed, the reservation can be labeled “Confirmed” by first pressing the “Upcoming” button in the upper left corner, and then pressing “Confirmed”. Press the green arrow button in the upper right corner to return to the Main Floor.


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