Section 5 - Servers - Manually Assigning Servers to Tables/Sections

In the Main Floor view, to begin assigning servers to tables, press the “server-mode” button with the "bell" icon in the right hand panel below the “picture avatar” button. In the left hand panel, three column choices will appear – “Active”, “Inactive”, and “Sched”. The “Active” panel shows no servers, as no servers have yet been assigned.

When “Inactive” is pressed, all of the servers available to be assigned to tables are displayed. To manually assign servers to tables/sections, press a server to select them. Doing so, will highlight that server.

Next, press the tables you wish to assign this server to, and the tables will be outlined with the server’s color. The server will automatically be transferred from “Inactive” to “Active”.

Repeat this process until all of the desired table assignments have been made.


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