Section 6 - Servers - Swapping, Relieving and Cutting Active Servers

In "Server Mode" in the Active tab, select a server by pressing them. Three buttons will appear below the server's box – “Swap”, ”Relieve” and “Cut”.

Pressing the “Swap” button will display all of the servers in the inactive list that, if selected, can replace the current server at the tables currently assigned. Pressing any server does just that.

Pressing the "Relieve" button will remove the server from their assigned tables.

Pressing “Cut” button will remove any unsat tables in this server’s section and move the server to the back of the rotation. Any tables with guests will now have the server color dashed around the outside of the table. When the seated party is cleared, the server will be relieved from the table automatically. When all of that server's tables are cleared, the server is cut from the rotation.




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