Section 12 - Servers - Changing the Server Rotation

At the top of the Main Floor View is a Server Rotation that slides from left to right. The button at the very top right shows the section displayed. For each server, the first two numbers represent parties and people served and cleared; the middle number is the last time a party was sat in this server’s section; and the last two numbers to the right are the parties and people currently being waited on by this server.

Pressing the “Server Mode” button on the right hand panel displays the same server rotation as the top of the screen in Main Floor view, by section.

In Server Mode, the current Server Rotation can be modified by pressing and holding any server for 2 seconds until the server statistics disappear and three white lines appear.

By pressing and holding on the three lines next to any server, that server can be moved up or down the Server Rotation to a different place in the Server Rotation, thus changing the order of the Server Rotation reflected in Server Mode as well as in the Main Floor view.



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