Section 13 - Using Sections For Separate Server Rotations and Wait Times

If your restaurant management has set up Sections in the Seatninja Web Portal, you will have separate server rotations for each established Section and can view the servers assigned to those sections by pressing the ”Sections" icon in the upper right hand corner.

Pressing this icon will reveal the Sections available. If Sections are not set up, only the Main Floor will be visible.

Pressing any of the Sections available will change the server rotation from the Main Floor to the Section selected.

To exit this view, tap anywhere outside the section selector box.

Using Sections also allows for separate wait times by section and party size to be displayed by pressing the Average Wait Time in the bottom right corner.

To verify where a server’s tables are, press and hold on the server at the top of the screen. That server’s tables will be highlighted with their name displayed on the top of each table.

To seat a guest party, tap any table with a server assigned and press the party size.

To follow the server rotation when seating guests, switch to Main Floor mode, choose a table with a color that matches the server at the start of the rotation (leftmost server) at the top of the screen, tap a table, and choose the party size. The party will be anonymously sat.

Using Sections allows for separate wait time to be displayed in the Average Wait Window by pressing the Average Wait Time in the bottom right corner (see image).



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