Section 11 - Seating Guests at Tables

There are three ways to seat guests at tables in Seatninja.

The first is Direct Seating. Tap a table and a party size picker will appear. Press the party size and the party is sat. To increase the party size, use the arrows provided.

The second and third involve seating waitlist and reservation parties from the waitlist. 

To seat a party from the waitlist, press the party to select them. This party can now be seated by pressing any table of choice, or by pressing the orange (suggested table) or red (assigned table) button at the top of the screen directly to the left of the Page button.

Note: Pressing a table with another party currently sitting there causes a message "Table is occupied! Clear table then seat?" to appear. The host can then press "Clear & Seat" or cancel to choose a different table.


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