Section 17 - Locating a Seated Guest and Updating Table Status

Press and Hold the "In Progress" button with the fork and knife and the names of each guest party will displayed on each table along with their Event Flag or VIP Star (if applicable). Guest names will appear only if they originated as a waitlist or reservation, and then were sat. All directly sat guests will appear as "Anonymous".

Tapping a seated table once reveals Table Flags for updating the table status.  Available table flags on the left are ”Drinks”, “Salad”, and “Main Course”.  Table Flags on the right, "Dessert", "Check Dropped" and "Dirty Table”, can be used to mark Red tables (tables nearing the end of the dining cycle) and inform the Host stand which tables will be clearing next. During a busy shift, Seatninja’s 3-color system (Blue to Orange to Red) enables Hosts to perform “Smart Table Checks”, checking only the Red tables as those will be turning soon, and not all tables. The red broom icon at the bottom will clause the table to be cleared.

Tapping a seated table twice reveals a Seated Party Profile, which displays the table number, a timer for how long the party has been sat, the party size, available Table Flags for this table, and the ability to return this party to the waitlist or clear the table. Any input Dining Notes for this customer will be visible as well. To add Permanent Notes, update the party size, or view guest history, press the pencil to the right of the party size in the upper left corner.


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