Section 24 - Making Reservations Using the Grid Button

The Grid button is available in the Main Floor View at the bottom right, just above the Orange wait list button, or in the Schedule View at the top to the right of the date and between the Table Scheduler and Eyeball buttons.

Pressing the Grid button displays a view of all table holds and parties who are currently sat, upcoming on a wait list, and upcoming as a reservation, with the duration of their visit blocked out.

A Reservation to a specific assigned table(s) can be booked directly to this Grid by tapping the square corresponding to the table a time desired. A panel will pop out on the left side offering a choice of "Create Reservation" (green button) or "Table Hold" (blue button).

Pressing the green Create Reservation button will reveal the options for the reservation. First is the Guest. Press the Guest to enter their phone number. Then, press the blue arrow. The guest's visit profile will appear along with the guest's name.

Next, press Party Size to change the party size to that desired. If the Party Size selected is larger than the capacity of the table chosen, press additional tables in the grid to accommodate the full party.

Next, press the Time to confirm the time desired.

Next, press the Duration to confirm the duration.

Press the green Create button at the top to commit the reservation to the Grid.


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