Section 35 - Moving Reservations on the Grid to New Tables

In addition to being able to book a reservation right from the Grid, you can also re-assign a table(s) to an existing reservation.

To do this using the Grid, tap the Grid button at the top of the Schedule screen, and find the time and table of the reservation. Next, tap the reservation to select and a white outline will appear. A slider will appear at the left hand side of the screen with all of the reservation details.

Tap the row with the table(s) you wish to move this reservation to, and then press save. The reservation will now be assigned to the new table. If the newly assigned table's maximum occupancy is smaller than the party size, the color will change to yellow, indicating that additional tables to accommodate this party may be required. To assign additional tables, tap the yellow party and tap additional table rows, which will appear with white outlines. Once enough tables have been assigned, the table numbers in the upper left corner will turn from yellow to red. Press Save.

Normally, Waitlist parties are denoted by an orange color, and reservations are denoted by a green color. Parties already seated are presented in black.

In the Schedule view, the table number color will change from orange to red, indicating the party has been assigned a table. The table number will be yellow with an exclamation point if the maximum occupancy of the table is too small for the party size.



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