Section 38 - Take Out Notification

The same text paging system Seatninja uses for Wait List parties is also available for Take Out order notifications. To set up a Take Out order notification, press the blue Take Out button in the lower right corner of the Main Floor screen. Then, enter the quoted “food ready” time and enter the guest's mobile number.

A Take Out profile will appear with the Guest information. The Take Out notes can be used for order numbers, special requests or other information.

Take Out bubbles appear in the left hand panel of the Main Floor view below all reservations and wait list parties, and are displayed in the Schedule view at the time entered.

To change the status of a Take Out order, tap the Take Out bubble and press the blue status button in the upper left corner just to the right of the red Complete button. 

To text the Guest when their food is ready, tap the Take Out bubble to select the Guest, then press the green Page button at the top of the screen.

To remove, tap the blue Take Out bubble and press the red Complete button in the upper left corner of the profile screen. Select the manner of completion.

For two-way communication with Guests enabling them to notify the restaurant when they are in the parking lot for pickup, ask your Seatninja rep about the Seatninja Take Out app.


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