Section 21 - Wait List Bubbles

Using “Enter Name Only” will place the party on the waitlist with their name and a red “No Cell Phone” logo, indicating that this customer cannot be texted. The Wait List Bubbles are orange and contain the following information –

1). Party Size – in blue, top, left.

2). Arrival Time – in white, top, center.

3). Suggested Table – The orange number between the Arrival Time and the Time Quoted is the Suggested Table. The system will suggest the most likely table to be available for this party. If the number color is red, the specified table is an Assigned Table (if there is a yellow circle with an exclamation point, no tables have been suggested or assigned for this guest – this could cause overbooking or incorrect wait time quotes).

4). Time Waited/Time Quoted – in green circle, top, right.

5). Notes Icon – located right below the party size indicating there are notes to be viewed for this guest.

6). Name of Guest – in black, inside bubble, top, center.

7). Guest Initials – in bubble, right side (pictures appear if guest has registered and claimed their profile at Alternatively, this space can have one of three icons, “Checked In”, “Partially Arrived” or “Waiting in Bar”, selectable by pressing and holding on the wait list bubble.

8). Order of Seating – Top 3 guests are denoted with a “#” and a number in bubble, in black, bottom, left.

9). Party Flags – Up to 3 Party Flags selected can be displayed (in the example of Kal El, the flags indicate there is a Birthday in the party, the party has 2 children, and the guest is a VIP.



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