Host Update 3.7 (presented Nov. 20, 2019)

This 40 minute video, with complete audio track and video accompaniment, covers all of the new features available in Seatninja Host 3.7 and the accompanying Seatninja Web Portal. 

Hosted by Seatninja President and CEO, Mike Reinero.

Release Notes for November 2019 – Host Version 3.7         

New Features on –

  • You can now modify your existing reservation, changing party size, date, and/or time of a reservation on com

New Features in Seatninja Host –

  • A Guest can now be unseated and returned to the wait list after 15 minutes.
  • Zendesk ticket support is now accessible from the avatar button.
  • In Schedule View, there is a new pacing view that shows pace remaining for each party size.
  • The active server list in Server Mode now shows server rotation broken out by section
  • A warning is presented to the Host when a server is double sat.
  • Upcoming lock image on tables in Main Floor View now shows R for reservation and W for wait list.
  • Server schedules are separate from server chart assignments allowing the user to scheduled servers without a chart and vice versa.
  • Servers can be assigned to event only tables.

 New Features in Seatninja Web Portal –

  • Settings –
    1. Default Meal Durations –
      1. Default Meal Durations can now be configured for defined time periods, defined party sizes, for each day of the week and for special holidays.
    2. Dining Table Edit –
      1. New table types (high top, half booth, corner booth) are now available.
    3. Dining Table Overrides –
      1. Copying override settings to different days of the week or dates is now available.
    4. Dining Table Sections –
      1. A new GUI interface is now available to create a section by selecting a pre established Party Flag, and then clicking on tables in a viewable table chart that are assigned to that section.
    5. Meal Times (NEW) –
      1. Instead of having to conform to the standard 4 meal periods of breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night as previously presented, users can now specify their own meal periods (up to six), when each meal period starts, when each meal period ends, as well as what time Reservations (Main Floor Mode) and Servers assigned to server charts (Server Mode) are displayed in the wait list.
    6. Open Hours –
      1. Open hour settings can now be copied to facilitate creation.
    7. Pacing –
      1. Pacing is now configurable on three levels including:
        1. Default - using tables marked as accepting reservations and the dining times as inventory.
        2. Count Based - using Reservation Count by party size, People Count by time interval, or Slot Count by party size (table availability) for each time slot.
        3. Spread - which allows the Default and Count pace configurations to be spread over a user defined time period, accepting a certain percentage each time interval configured.
      2. Party Flags –
        1. Enabling and disabling Party Flags is now easier with a button to indicate whether a Party Flag is visible in the Seatninja Host App or not. This same process works for user defined Custom Party Flags.
      3. Program Settings –
        1. The functions for making Reservations, Wait Lists and Take Out order notifications can now be disabled, eliminating their visibility and use in the Seatninja Host App.
        2. A minimum and maximum party size for the location is also now configurable.
  • Automatic system generated table suggestions for Wait List parties can now be disabled.
  1. Wait List guests can now see their position in line in real time from a web link in their welcome text.
  2. The online Wait List party notification in the Seatninja Host App can now be disabled.
  1. Reservation Blackout Times –
    1. Reservation Blackout Times can now be applied internally, preventing Hosts from booking reservations at times where online reservations are also not available.
  2. Server Schedule –
    1. Server Tags are now available to identify a server’s role when assigned to a server chart within the Seatninja Host App.
  • Reservations –
    1. The Web Portal reservations flow for Portal Manager and Call Center Reservations now functions like the Seatninja Host App reservations flow.





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