Section 23 - Wait List Party Profile - Modifications

The Party Size, Wait Time, and Estimated Meal Duration can all be adjusted by taping the corresponding blue button in the upper center portion of the screen. Changes are automatically saved or press the save button if presented.

The information in the Party Profile can be Printed by pressing the blue print button in the upper right corner if a printer is connected and available.

The user can Assign a Table a guest will be seated at by pressing the blue button with a suggested table number in the upper right corner. Pressing this button will allow the user to select a table form the floor layout. Tables with conflicts are displayed in red.

All of the Guest Information is presented in the upper left portion of the screen (picture or initials, first name, last name, email, phone number, and loyalty member number. Each can be updated by touching the appropriate box and typing the new information into the box. Tapping the black space outside the box saves the update. Note: if a guest has claimed their profile at, the restaurant will not be able to update this information. Historical guest visit counts are also displayed. To view a full guest history, press the blue History button below the guest avatar.






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